My hair was probably 2A when I was a kid and then around 12-13 it poofed up. If I let it air dry it was like each individual hair went its own separate way and there were no real curls at all (it still does this if I brush it out and let it air dry without scrunching it). So I blew it out with a huge barrel brush every day. For example:

If the hair wasn't bad enough, we had to wear knickers as part of our uniform. This was the summer between 8th and 9th grade at Interlochen Arts Camp in Michigan. It looked like that for the better part of middle and high school. I didn't figure it out until one summer when I was home from college I let it air dry because it was so hot outside and the under layers started spiraling. That was when I started trying to figure out how to wear it curly.

I wish my husband didn't have the camera with him, because I'm having a good hair day today!
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Hey you had my hair !!

I remember those brushing out sessions only too well. I still cringe thinking of my mother coming at me with the brush. Summer was the worst.

My hair was always curly, but it went more wavy when I was pregnant. It took about 5 years for my curls to return after the pregnancy. It may have actually been sooner, but I started blowing it straight.

It would be hilarious to see all the pictures of us as kids .. I bet we had similar hair styles !!!
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