Hi everyone,

I've been reading the boards for a while, but this is my first post.

I don't really see anyone posting pictures of their before and afters from the following processes:
- Softening (Ouidad)
- Bio-softening (Christo)
- Silkener (Devachan)
- Vertical (Redken - I believe this has been discontinued)

I am seriously considering trying one of these treatments- I think I'm leaning more towards the Bio-Softening from Christo.

And I would really appreciate it if anyone had some pics that they could share.

Personally, I think my hair is 3B-ish. Just up to my shoulders when curly. And I usually have it up, or back, or half up, when it's curly- as it's such a pain to try and make it look good!

Thank you so much ladies!! :-)
Originally Posted by AngieNYC
AngieNYC, did you have the BioSoftening done? How did you turn out for you? Send pics if you can.