I haven't had it done yet. I put it hold for a bit, since not too many people on this forum seem to have it done...and almost no one has pictures. And I would really like to see some pics before I go ahead and do it myself....as I too have concerns. My hair is just shoulder length when curly, and I don't want to ruin it and have to cut it off (I had that experience a few years ago with Thermal Reconditioning).

There is one person who recently emailed me saying that she did it the Ouidad Softening and she loves it- but I'm waiting to see some pictures...

Do you know anyone who has had it done? Did it turn out nice?

--> Fine, thin, shoulder length 3B Corkscrews -I think! (became more Botticelli while following CG the first time in 2008...but this time around they are back to normal)
--> Using Deva NoPoo & Angell, with either One Condition or Suave Coconut Conditioner since I like how it weighs down & stretches my curls more.