In my quest for a silicone-free hair product, I came across a thread on in which one of the members said that MOP-C was the closest thing to Curls Rock that she had found. I about peed myself because no silicone-free product had stood up to my beloved Curls Rock. I by chance stumbled across it at Bath and Body Works, and I was not going to pass up a chance to try it out.

I think I'm in love. As soon as I put it in my hands, I knew it was different than the other natural products I had tried. It had a very similar consistency to Curls Rock, which I know is what my hair needs. My coarse 3a hair does not respond well to gels or mousses, and most silicone-free curl cremes are too light and don't give me any hold. (ex. Biotera Curl Creme)

My hair isn't fully dry yet, but I can tell it is responding the same way as it did with Curls Rock. I have no frizz (which I would by now with other stuff), and I am a bit crunchy, but I can scrunch that right out.

I am so excited!! If I get second day hair from this stuff.. it might be my HG!
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