I haven't seen any real pictures of the softening yet either. It sounds very similar to the silkening that they do at Curves (Miss Jessies Salon) and they have lots of pics on their website (missjessies.com). I even checked out the Ouidad website hoping for some pics but even though there were some models on there that looked like they may have had it, it wasn't clearly stated. Makes you wonder, if it's so great why aren't there any photos! I'm going to an Ouidad affiliate salon today to get the Deep Treatment. I thought I would start with that and see how I like it. In two weeks I will be going to a Deva Concepts salon. A stylist that I used visit several years ago became trained in the Deva methods, cuts, etc so I was very excited to find her name on their website. I'll visit with her for a consult and start with a product indoc then maybe move to a cut if necessary. I trust her (that's important) and I like the Deva products. I may end up going that route. Please share if you get photos of the softening. I'll let you know how the Ouidad & Deva experiences turn out. Wish me luck!