I've also been thinking of getting a Deva cut...I started researching that once I stopped considering getting the softening!

Please update me about your Deva consult and cut, if you get one. I would really appreciate it. I don't know why, but I'm so nervous about cutting my hair...it takes so long to grow, and it curls up so much, that I'm always so hesistant to cut it. And I usually wind up hating my cuts...

If you don't mind- who is this stylist that you really like? And what kind of curls do you have? I'm a 3B, with a combo of corkscrew and botecelli (sp?).

In the meantime, I will re-visit the Miss Jessies website and check out their silkening system...thanks!

--> Fine, thin, shoulder length 3B Corkscrews -I think! (became more Botticelli while following CG the first time in 2008...but this time around they are back to normal)
--> Using Deva NoPoo & Angell, with either One Condition or Suave Coconut Conditioner since I like how it weighs down & stretches my curls more.