rejoicingcurlygirl - is yours in the bottle with the pump or the tube? I found a couple in the bottle on ebay, but the name is Curl Enhancing (not Curl Defining) cream. I'm going to try it out today for the first time - can't wait!! So glad that you love it!!
Discovered in 09/2003

2b~~fine texture~~normal porosity (except for highlights, which are high)~~normal elasticity~~medium density

Shampoo: Still use sulfates, but only on roots
Rinse out: Deva One C, JC Too Shea, Original Sprouts Deep Conditioner
Curl Enhancers: KCCC; JC Rocking Ringlets, JC Spiralicious, & Confident Coils
Styler: BRHG (over any and all curl enhancers) - this is the one product that I never change - absolute HG!!