rejoicingcurlygirl - is yours in the bottle with the pump or the tube? I found a couple in the bottle on ebay, but the name is Curl Enhancing (not Curl Defining) cream. I'm going to try it out today for the first time - can't wait!! So glad that you love it!!
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Mine is a tube, but according to the web they are the same only the name is changed......
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I think the Curl ENHANCING cream has been discontinued. They have changed it to the Curl Defining Cream. I never tried the enhancing cream, but was told by one of the stores that carried the line that it was one of their best sellers. If you were able to get it at a good price, it would likely be worth trying ... and maybe stocking up. They didn't know whether they would get the defining cream in; I'm really hoping - it would be so nice not to have to pay shipping.

I can't say how long a tube would last, because I rotate my products all the time ... I've had mine for a couple of months now, but I only use it once a week (twice max). It is quite thick, so I wouldn't think that you would need to use as much of it as you do other products.

The other thing is that if it gives you second day hair, that is a savings right there !!

It is definitely more expensive than some of the other products, but if I was a one product girl, this would be my HG for sure.
Hooray for frizz free curls !!!!
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Too many favourite products to list ... I finally have my routine that works and alot of products to choose from. My product stash is huge, but well loved !!!