Im' happy to see the thread is chugging right along. I've been working out, just not posting. I finally got my new running shoes, though now have a cold and feel ick so won't be able to test them out until tomorrow. Hoping some r&r will do the trick this weekend. I did do some dancing on Friday night, probably stayed out too late and pushed this cold into overdrive, but it was worth it I was even a little sore the next day, so it has to count for something right?

keep up the good work ladies! It's starting to warm up here a bit, can't wait to run outside.
Type: 3a/3b, fine-medium
Cleanse: hg:whispering windz farm jar soaps,
Moisture/Co rinse: GVP conditioning balm
DT: Jessicurl's dt
Leave in: KCKT
Definition: kccc
Hold: rotating: gvp liquid scuplting gel
ACV rinse bi-weekly
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