I think that the curl defining cream and curl enhancing cream are the same product just renamed. At least that is what it says here:

MOP C-System C-Curl Curl Defining Cream 5.1oz.

Now in new packaging from C-Curl Curl Enhancing Cream, same great product, just a new look!

MOP C-System C-Curl Curl Enhancing Cream is a unique curl enhancing cream to provide smooth separation without residual tack. Maintains curl throughout the day while protecting against frizz. Citrus infused for antioxidant support. UV shields preserve color while antioxidants shield hair from the elements.
3A; I have HG products!
Curl enhancer: Mop-C curl cream
DT: Deva Heaven in Hair; JC WDT
Gel: B&A; Arc Angel
Conditioner: Deva OneC; JC too shea
Frizz fighters: CK, JCS C&S
PW: curlynow