Usually my hair was cut so short when I was a kid I got mistook for a boy. Much as I didn't like girly stuff when I was little, I still didn't want people to think I was a boy! I got called "Larry" when it grew out, which I didn't mind because I like the Three Stooges I really wasn't given any problems about my hair except for my mother always screaming about how I didn't look presentable. (I range front to back 1a/2a/2b/3a). And there weren't much of any products to untangle my hair in the early '70s, there was just Tame and that's about it, until No More Tangles came out. Someone tried using Brylcreem or VO5 on it and I ended up with a headful of grease.

I had more issues from people when my alopecia would kick up and I'd wear a scarf to cover my hair. I used to just shave my head to make it look like I was balding on purpose and felt I was making more of a choice about how I looked when my scalp was doing otherwise.