Elucence is my HG conditioner and I'm almost out of it. It's not much of a dilemma but here it is:

Do I buy more Elucence, which I know works but has to be ordered online *or* do I take a risk and buy Mastey Moisturee, which I can get from a local beauty supply store without waiting for shipping? Mastey Traite is my HG shampoo. I tried Frehair, their light detangler. I went through the whole bottle in a week. I haven't tried Moisturee. I have no idea how it compares with Elucence. A third option is Kenra Platinum Reconstructor for Thick/Coarse Hair. I've never tried that either but the Kenra site recommends it for me and I can buy that locally as well.

What would you pick? If you have any other conditioner suggestions, please post those too. I need a rich conditioner with slip that won't make my hair feel coated in plastic.
3a/b, fine, lots of it