Well I did finally find it at the other B&BW at our other mall. I was very excited but today I am rather disappointed. So far I am not impressed with this stuff at all. My hair looks wet and crunchy and the crunch is not scrunching out well like it does with my other products. The curls are pretty nicely defined and very minimal frizz but the crunch is too much. And I didn't use a very large amount (maybe a little more than a pea) because I recalled seeing you ladies talking about how too much could make it look very producty. But honestly the biggest thing that I don't like is the smell! It's awful. It's like a wierd minty type smell. My co-worker said it smelled kind of orangey but to me I don't smell oranges. It just smells funky! And I don't think I can get past that especially when I am really not impressed with what it did for my hair. Ah well, at least I can return it.

On the upside I do have another product to play with (Paul Mitchell Round Trip) so that's something to look forward to tomorrow.
Hair Type: mix of 3's, growing out an angled bob, color-treated red.
Current products: GVP conditioning balm for co-wash and leave in, Curl Junkie Curls in a Bottle, Pattern Pusha and Garnier Anti-humidity hairspray
Location:Sunny Florida
Hair idol: Kimberly Schlapman from Little Big Town