Yeah, I would call myself "modified" in that I, like lazykerri, avoid cyclopentasiloxane like the plague, conditioner wash most of the week, and poo with a sulfate-containing poo roughly once a week.

I'm also really hyper-aware of ingreds in a CG-aware kind of way, but you already knew that.
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Yup, met too. I use a (laureth) sulfate containing poo only about 1x/mo, and do lo-poo or HCC 1-2x/week. I study the ingredients of everything before I purchase now... though I am currently pretty much sticking solidly to the Deva line.

Dark Brown Boticellis.
Current Routine: L'Oreal Vive Pro Nutrigloss conditioner, Light Headed Melting Gel. Weekly shampoo with Dramatics Color Care shampoo.