hmmm... i think it all depends on the face shape and type of curl and all that jazz... so i can't really give you a straight answer...

i currently have layers, but it's because i've always had layers in my hair, and i wanted to keep length, so i kept the layers. but sometimes i think for me, i would be better off with a straight-across cut. my longest layer is underneath (of course) and it sometimes looks very odd because i tend to have straighter hair underneath, plus it is longer and more weighed down... so it kind of looks like the top of my hair doesn't really 'fit' with the bottom, if that makes sense? and if i am having a particularly stringy hair day... it's really bad.

if i would scarifice length and get an all one-length cut, i think i might be able to acheive clumpier curls that i like better, and maybe my hair wouldn't look so strange? eventually i will do this... but i want to wait until the top layers grow out a bit more. i don't want to be a triangle-head either, sigh.
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