Here's the question part - with 3a hair, assuming you have longer layers on the bottom and shorter on the top, do your longer layers ever feel "too thin"? They certainly don't look that way on you, but I wonder how they would be on me.

My hair gets to a point where I think I can't grow it anymore because the ends just seem to thin out. I fear layers would make this worse...or maybe the opposite - perhaps give the illusion of volume.
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kcurls, when my hair gets 2 long it also seems 2 thin out. i got a haircut last summer and asked for long layers with some shorter ones on top (comparable to what shellynot has), and i walked out with a mullet. it was awful. if u are thinking about layers i would say to ask for long layers, just 2 b safe. i spent 2 months tying my hair back until it grew out.
still working on it