I've had both consults at Ouidad & Deva (I'm not in NY so I went to local stylists trained in each method). I've been using the DevaCare products and thought they were great when I first tried them. Then I went to Ouidad (considering the softener) and had the Deep Treatment. OMG! I loved it! Now, I've only had it once but my hair (2b, 3c, 4a - kinda kinky & kinda dry, with fine strands) LOVED the DT. My hair was soft and held a shine (w/out product). The curls were enhanced. In short, I was very impressed. I will definitely be doing the DT again and I hope it is everything it was the 1st time and everything I hope it will be. I'm still think I will get the softener and I'm looking forward to trying the other Ouidad products. I've been using the Curl Quencher gel and I really like it. Now, Devacare. I had the consult and it went very well. I like the idea that they cut the hair dry and take the time to really look at the hair and cut only what's necessary. It sounds very customized to the individual. I'm thinking about the Deva Cut over the Ouidad Carve & Slice, which I'm not too sure about on my hair texture. I still like the DevaCurl products, but so far the Ouidad products seem to be working better for me. I have to admit, I am very surprised - it's not at all what I expected. My softener appointment is next week and I'll post about that when it's done. They stylist says it takes a couple of weeks for the hair to "settle" so I can cut & color after that time. I'm a little hesitant about the chems, but I figure I should do what make my life easiest and looks best on me. I really don't like spending a lot of time styling my hair everyday. I need as close to wash & go as I can get. If anyone has had experience with Ouidad softeners I'd love to hear from you!