Ok, so this time, I went with JC Too Shea! for cowashing, WDT as a leave in, JC oil blend and HETT before overnight plopping. Then this morning, I spritzed in some homemade aloe/glycerine/oil/fragrance oil that I made and scrunched the ends with KY warming (I can't believe I put lube in my hair! :agape: ).

Before my little girl started doing my hair for me as I typed this post (thanks, punkin!), my hair was soft and clumpy and pretty tangle-free. Right now, she's grabbing one clump at a time and pulling it apart in one fell swoop, and then cocking her head as if to examine her work before leaning in to kiss me. Very cute...for her - not me.

Anyway, it looks like magsulfate is a tangling culprit for me as well. And here sits me with three bottles from JC with the gunk in it. Gaah!!

So how often can y'all use it? Once a week or less? It really sucks cuz it works to give me great spiraled ends, but what good is that if I have felt beneath the surface??

BSL/Mid Back, thick 3a/b

Botticelli Botanicals Meringue
Botticelli Botanicals Smoothie
Botticelli Botanicals Styling Mudd w/ double avocado oil and double agave
Botticelli Botanicals Lime in the Coconut Butter