"A simple statement of fact: In America, straight hair is considered more beautiful than curly hair. Why? The short answer is that straight hair, like light-colored skin and eyes, is a typically Caucasian trait. And in America, Caucasian traits are considered more beautiful than non-Caucasian traits. Since an explanation for this phenomenon would require 100 doctoral dissertations on the interplay of race, power and beauty- or at least a “baby doll” test like the one that helped to end school segregation in the United States- I urge you instead to test the accuracy of this statement in the comfort of your own home."

I have to say that I both agree and disagree with you Cali. First of all, I wouldn't go so far as saying that straight hair is considered more beautiful then curly hair in America today. I would put them on equal footing in many ways. Think about this; there are tens of millions of straight haired women in America today who spend plenty of money getting their permed each year. Texturing services at salons are easily a billion dollar plus industry in America today. All those straight haired women getting their hair permed shows me that curly hair is still pretty popular among many women in America today. On the other hand, I will say that in the fashion industry and the media in general, you don't see too many curly haired models. That fact makes me pretty angry in a way being a girl with real wavy hair naturally. My beautiful daughter has pretty wavy/curly blonde hair, and if she ever decided to be model when she gets older, I would be very upset if she was rejected because of her hair being curly. I live in Kentucky where the South meets the Midwest, and I would say that perms are pretty popular around here right now. It's pretty easy most of the time in spotting the difference between a perm and naturally curly hair. After walking around the malls here in Louisville the past few months, I would say perms are pretty popular again. By the way, I have very wavy hair naturally that I perm to make it curlier, and to give my hair a lot more definition. So even though I perm my hair, I would still consider myself a curly girl naturally.

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