Glad you're enjoying the C25K, wild~hair. You'll find that pretty soon you'll be doing fewer walk breaks, so you won't need to pay attention to the time as much - in fact, I find it better if I don't check it too often. So, perhaps you can just use the podcast for a couple more weeks....

Today I'll start week 9! I'll be on the TM again. It took my knees until yesterday to recover from Monday's 30 minute run outdoors.... But I'll run while watching All My Children - my guilty-pleasure soap that I've watched off and on since the 80's...

I'll do a "brag" post once I'm done!
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Really? I find that my knees hurt worse when I've been on a treadmill, but I think it really what you are used to. I will tell you that for running an actual 5k, you will need to run outside more... just to get used to the terrain changes. I know you can do this on a treadmill, but they are so "predictable." Nothing like doing a 5k that starts 1/2 miles up hill, 2 miles downhill and then the rest straight back up to where you started and not being mentally prepared for that.
Currently, using JC HCC, Too Shea, CK and CCSS, RR or LOOB or MOP-C.
CK is the one!!

as of 6/17/10 - I have to add Joico!

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