Yes, my goal is to eventually be able to run outdoors much of the time. My issue is my spine - I've got scoliosis with some degeneration and arthritis. The curvature in my spine causes uneven weight distribution which affects my right hip as well as my knees. Plus, I'm 45 and never ran before starting the C25K. I just plan on easing my way into it a bit. I don't want to go all out and then injure myself and quit. But I also don't want to just say I can't do something because of a little pain. I'm trying to find the balance.

Today I ran 30 minutes on the TM without too much difficulty!
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That is awesome that you are able to run with scoliosis. That is not a fun thing to have. I am feeling your pain...apparently, my right hip is higher than my left...I have a mild "c" curve in my spine(no one has called it scoliosis). I find that my left IT Band stays tight from trying to make the compensation... I have to make sure that keep stretching everything out or my left knee will ache, especially at night. When I was pregnant with my son (5 yrs ago) I wasn't able to stretch and with all of the hormonal relaxation going on, my left kneecap actually came off of my knee. Now, that was a joy to rehab.

I started having the IT Band problem about 15 (yikes..I'm getting some age on me, too) years ago. But, I keep's the one of the places that I am able to zone out and blank my mind..and just run. I know that you'll get to your goal.... you can do it. Next year I want to do the Cooper River Bridge's in Charleston SC.... and it's a run with a big party wrapped around it!!
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