Did Day 2 of Week 3 today!

Glad you're enjoying the C25K, wild~hair. You'll find that pretty soon you'll be doing fewer walk breaks, so you won't need to pay attention to the time as much - in fact, I find it better if I don't check it too often. So, perhaps you can just use the podcast for a couple more weeks....
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Yeah, I just realized today that I'm not looking ahead much with this program, to see what's coming up. I find it's almost better just to do it day by day and see how it goes. But you're right, at some point there won't be much interval to it!

Yes, my goal is to eventually be able to run outdoors much of the time. My issue is my spine - I've got scoliosis with some degeneration and arthritis. The curvature in my spine causes uneven weight distribution which affects my right hip as well as my knees. Plus, I'm 45 and never ran before starting the C25K. I just plan on easing my way into it a bit. I don't want to go all out and then injure myself and quit. But I also don't want to just say I can't do something because of a little pain. I'm trying to find the balance.
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Wow, 2poodles, I have scoliosis too! Weird, huh? I'm 38 and for a time I was having left hip pain, from about age 36 to 27. I thought it was from opening the hips from ashtanga yoga, which really challenges the tight hips we get from sitting in chairs all the time. It did eventually go away, so I don't know. I still find myself favoring that hip just a little bit, sometimes.

I don't think I have arthritis yet, but I'm pretty sure it's in my future. Everyone in my family has it, and I can see the beginnings of it in my hands, when I compare them to my mom's [she's 66].

Anyway, I know what you mean about your knees hurting. I have no TM, so I'm only doing this outdoors. I try to stick to asphalt as much as possible and a for good portion, I can jog on this little dirt path next to the asphalt one, which helps a lot.

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