Julia provided us all with a great report on how Disney is ignoring curlygirls, by providing princesses with sleek, straight hair. Julia was particularly annoyed by Mia, from the princess diaries, who had her beautiful curls straightened, so she could look more acceptable.

I read this collum violently nodding my head with agreement. Then, two days later, the Princess Diaries was on the television. I watched the start with great annoyance, as they destroyed Mia's lovely hair. But what annoyed me most came at the end.

Mia was sat in her car - an open top - in the pooring rain, getting increasingly wet. She was out in the rain for at least 20 minutes. Eventually she was driven to the Royal ball, where she was hurried onto the stage. In the process, assistants were rubbing her hair with a towel, desparately trying to dry it. Mia then gave a ten minute long speech - her hair gradually drying.

I am sure most of you would agree with me when I say that, if my curly hair was ever soak by the rain, then viciously towel dried, it would immediately begin to frizz, or at the very least curl. Mia's stayed perfectly straight!

Come on Disney!!! Do you research!