Hi, I'm new here, and I felt I needed to get a profile because this post made me react so strongly.

I'm wondering what part of India you are from, willytheturtle, because in the southern states, nearly everyone has waves and curls! I've noticed that a lot of north Indians have stick straight hair, but again, there are numerous exceptions on both sides. The reason that you don't often see girls walking around with curls in India, at least in the southern states, is because it's a conservative country. The conservative feminine beauty has logn hair, and nearly everyone wears it in a plait (braid). As for the brushing thing, most American-born Indians brush their hair (my mother always brushed mine) but in India, my cousins always use a comb. They dry comb it though, as most of them believe that touching wet hair causes massive breakage.

People in India definitely appreciate curls. My father's family has numerous curlyheads in it; he said his sister had such curly hair, she'd break all the "unbreakable" combs--everyone admired the pattern of the curl. He said it was beautiful, and that he wished he had tighter curls like his brothers and sisters.