this is a sensitive question and controversial. It is hard to unravel and I can see why it would be harder for white people especially those with curly hair to know where your coming from with this. I am currently taking a class on image and race in latin america and we just covered the topic of aesthetics/beauty and the "myth of the mulatta" and "whiteness in the media" this section was especially hard for me and its hard not to get bummed and depressed when you research and do the readings for this class. A eurocentric standard of beauty is pushed on people of color and you see this most often in media although you can still trace this back in history (ex the exoticization of the venus hotentot and other indigenous people who were taken around and shown off as freak shows in European countries) I spent time in the Dominican Republic and I was often told that my hair was ugly and got called black (like it was a bad thing) by many people even though I am not. People in the Dominican Republic like in Brazil and many other Latin American countries do not accept their blackness. Curly hair like wide noses and puffy lips has been something that has historically been viewed as something that is black and thus "undesirable" Being white on the other hand with straight hair that swings is what is beautiful and is marketed as the image of the nation and what people should strive to be for many countries (ex: Argentina) But you see this in media everywhere and I think it has become so engrained in us as what is "normal" that we don't notice. For example the Millionaires Club matchmaker calling curly hair like "brillo" honestly I don't know how the black women in that room took that and how they didn't turn around and slap her. Their is a brazilian song called "look at her hair" that makes fun of a woman with hair like brillo and makes a point of highlighting her ethnicity. He calls her black dirty with the smell of a skunk. He says at first I was attracted to you but your hair gives you away so now I am repulsed by you (ie, your black!)

Coincidence?? I think not.