Wow, pink that was a serious and informative post. I think that everyone is right or at least there are bits of the truth in what everyone said. We (America) has come along way in terms of race relations although we have a ways to go yet.
There are still lingering traces of European superiority particularly, when it comes to the standards of beauty. I don't think that people actually think "I want to be more like a white person or have European qualities b/c all others are bad/ugly". But as you stated pink, the origin of some of the standards and the fact that they still exist and are effecting us today gives merit to considering this issue and how we can move beyond this point.
Again, I am quite sure no one here would think "I don't want my hair to even vaguely similar to an AA".But let me ask this, if you woke up one morning and your 2b-3b hair all of the sudden was 4a-4b--- after the initial freak out, -- could you get over it, or would you be thinking negative things about it, would your hair be totally unattractive to you? If so, then maybe there's more to this then we all thought. (of course I over simplified this example, any sane person would want to do further research as to why their hair changed, but just humor me and try to see my point).
Can we just be ourselves?? Embrace who you are completely --God doesn't make mistakes