While this woman, Laura Wexler is promoting curly hair she got me thinking.

A simple statement of fact: In America, straight hair is considered more beautiful than curly hair. Why? The short answer is that straight hair, like light-colored skin and eyes, is a typically Caucasian trait. And in America, Caucasian traits are considered more beautiful than non-Caucasian traits. Since an explanation for this phenomenon would require 100 doctoral dissertations on the interplay of race, power and beauty- or at least a “baby doll” test like the one that helped to end school segregation in the United States- I urge you instead to test the accuracy of this statement in the comfort of your own home.

Page through the magazines on your coffee table and count the models with curly hair. Doesn’t take long, does it? Or watch an episode of “A Makeover Story” on The Learning Channel and observe that one of the first things they do with a curly-headed woman is straighten her hair. Indeed, here in our own (humid) city, the February 2004 issue of a certain crosstown magazine featured a makeover in which a young woman’s “long, curly mop” was blow-dried “smooth” and flat-ironed.

I'm wondering. I know theres a lot of white people here and you all have curly hair. So..straight hair is a typically caucasion trait?? Society thinks white people are the prettiest?? Straight hair is the prettiest??
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first, there is a danger in looking outside of your own realm for affirmation, and in this day and age, people have the freedom to choose what they want or dont want in their homes, especially in America.
You have the right and freedom to eliminate things in your life that do not reflect that which is best for you.

For example, I stopped watching hair commercials that did not feature women with my hair over a decade ago. I stopped buying magazines that did not represent my brand of beauty. I have never been able to sit through an episode of "Friends". I actively seek out that which supports my needs and represents the goals I have for self.

I am no longer a slave to the perceived society standards. My eyes gloss over the straight hair and hone in on the curly, kinky and coily automatically. Even if I do notice the straight hair I am not compelled to question who I am nor feel deprived because of who they are.

I don't NEED society to validate my existence when I am the one in control of myself.

Society, media, advertisements, entertainment, etc. owe us NOTHNG in the form of self-acceptance. If you need Vogue or a MacDonald's commercial to say that you are okay, you will never be okay.

AND after living and working around almost nothing but white people for over 20 years I can honestly say that not all of them (if any) believe the hype about themselves. Give a white woman a compliment and see how quickly she throws it back in your face by pointing out all of her other flaws. God, don't compliment one on her curly hair (at least not the ones who have not been indoctrinated on NC) and she will get her eyes stuck in her head for rolling them so high! LOL
Tell a straight-haired woman you like her hair and she will lament the lack of curls.
I complimented a Kim Basinger lookalike on how striking she was and I thought she was gonna hit me in the eye!
And don't get me started on the white women who are supposedly jealous of those of us with "natural tans"...oy...
The media may tout that white people are the "best", but when even they don't believe it, then it's time for the rest of us to let that fable die.

hope i didn't offend any white people with this post, after all some of my best friends are white!
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