I think it depends on the person. Because, I feel that I get the same results or effects from co washing with a cheap conditioner as I would with an expensive one. But this doesn’t mean that I would run out to buy a high-end conditioner to replace my cheap one simply because I know how I “sprint” through conditioners and my hair is always and forever thirsty so it would be a dumb move on my part to splurge on a conditioner and then finish it by the end of the week/ 2 wks only to run out again and splurge some more… I would definitely be too broke to continue my bad-PJistic-just made that up- habits. Or purchase any hair goodies… :/
strickly CG.
BCed Jan 27,07
I think my hair type is 3c? 3b? eh 4a? hmm idk
My hair survives on;
Suave naturals
Herbal essences set me up gel
Amla powder
Other lovies;
[Vitamins, olive oil, honey, silk peptide powder,vitamin e oil]

Taken Feb 21,09