I get the "Shirley Temple" thing aaaall the time. I hated it because of the whole "cute kid" connotation. I'm 26, darnit!

I grew up in Los Angeles, which has the world's biggest population of curl haters. Unless you're an A-list star, of cource; Then it's "BoHo Chic." But I wasn't an A-list star. so, I would get blown straight all the time by people who hadn't the foggiest idea as to how. I feel so bad for my mom knowing that she must have paid a mint for some of my haircuts only to get a daughter who looked like a poodle in return.

I eventually made her take me to SuperCuts, where there were people there with real hair. Better result, 1/4 of the price. It pays to have curly people cut your hair!

My favorite was the guy who gave me the frizz comb-over...

or maybe the 18 year old Hair Cuttery girl who blew it dry with a wide-toothed brush. I asked her to ring me up a hair clip and then put my Roseanadanna hair up in front of her. Haven't been back since.

Then there are the touchy-feely types:

"oh, I LOVE your HAIR!!!!"

*cue the 5 mintues of hair-fondling that turns it into a frizz-fest*

It's the same people that touch pregnant women they don't know without asking.

but I digress...

Most people I went to high school with didn't really care about my hair too much, but the 3-4 people that took a great, personal offense to my curls made up for it:

There was one girl who was totally BAFFLED that a lilly-white girl had curls. She never said anything bad, but she STARED at my hair constantly. She offered up some advice, which was kind of cool in retrospect, but unsolicited, bad advice is never appriciated.

One kid in JHS asked where my afro pic was... because my loose corkscrews are SOOO kinky. Idiot.

A few teachers told me that I should straighten my hair when I went on job interveiws.

My favorite backhanded compliment! "you have beautiful hair! Why don't you straighten it?" Because it's beautiful, you schmuck!

And the creme a la creme...

I was at church and there was a lady from the choir using a curling iron on her hair in the bathroom. I went over next to her to put my hair in a half ponytail when she reaches out, grabs a curl AND STRAIGHTENS A CHUNK OF MY HAIR. :x

So I had a mass of wonderful curls, except one half-straight fizzy thing right in front of my face. Thanks ever so.

wow, that was sufficiantly ADD, wasn't it?