Okay, I hope I can get through this without offending anybody.

I agree that the US tends to objectify straight hair as desirable. But I've also seen a lot more curlies making it in commercials, movies, TV shows, modeling, etc. Maybe I'm just more aware, I don't know.

I myself am a curly. With so much blood in me, you can just call me Heinz 47 or Dr. Pepper (23 flavors, get it?). I'm so white I'm almost transparent (props to whoever posted it first), with hazel green eyes, freckles, blonde, the whole shebang. Never once have I felt attractive. Not once, even when I straightened. So much for straight/white being attractive.

Now, let's take into account the fact that last week I was at training with many diverse people. My guess is 90% of the women there had curly hair, but there were 2 of us natural. Guess who had more fun? Yes, that would be the curlies. We win, big time. We got more attention, put our names on the map with someone pretty high up our food chain. I think standards are totally changing. But it takes time for things to change and even then, old prejudice's stand.

My grandmother, who is probably the most racist person I've met was, surprise, surprise, 1/4 native american! Things will change and people's idea of beauty with them. I wish I was darker, curlier, prettier, thinner...the list goes on and on. My ideal? Multi-racial people. They are some of the most beautiful people I've met.

Someone asked earlier in the postings if we would have a freakout if we suddenly woke up with 4a-4b hair? OMG, I could only wish!

Another said that people pay thousands every year to get hair like we have. Yup, I'm one of them! Products are my life force. You think I wake up and my hair looks this good? Fat chance! I take dang good care of this hair and it shows! Dang straight my curly hair is fab!