I'm not such a conspiracy theorist. I think it's business as usual. When has Washington, or any other government in history, decided to help people instead of kill people to deal with a threat? It's in human nature to react in such a way, but it doesn't have to be. We have free will.

I saw a piece recently on Dennis Kucinich's U.S. Department of Peace initiative. He wants there to be a cabinet member for peace. How absolutely wonderful would that be?

The problem is, there are some people in this world, many of them working in goverment, and certainly a lot of people advising Bush, who scoff at the idea of peace. They interviewed a congressman from AZ for the piece and he literally laughed at the concept. He smirked throughout the whole interview as though the whole thing was a joke. That's how jaded and pathetic a lot of people are.

Here's a transcript of the story and you can watch it there too.

In the story, one woman said that it's a lot easier to drop a bomb than to go in and deal with problems through dialog and working with people. Easier in the short run that is. In the long run, bombs and guns cause way more problems, of course. The hatred they sow is immeasurable and manifests in countless ways. And it's not just pain for our enemies but us too. Look at the thread on PTSD on these boards. That hurts our country for many years, affecting many lives, not just those of the soldiers, but their families and friends.

Unfortunately, we have an idea in this country that everything should be resolved quickly and cheaply. So that's another hurdle to get past.