I agree with you as well, sfcurlee. For me it's a matter of semantics whether it's conspiracy or long-practiced sick dysfunctionality.

My SOs mom heard Kucinich speak recently! It's so depressing to me that a congressman, or anyone, would roll their eyes at the thought of a Department of Peace. But at least there are politicians who would suggest such a thing. Thank you for the link!!

SOs mom or maybe it was his dad also used this analogy of world conflict as knots in a rope. Instead of taking the time to carefully unknot it, therefore not permanently harming any of the threads and fibers, the US just comes along with a hack-saw and fire and slashes and burns its way through it. Consequently causing irreparable damage to all sides.

And do you really think it's human nature to react with violence rather than with compassion and negotiations? If it is, I think it's barbaric and that many of us have evolved past that. Unfortunately, I guess most people who are in power are still at or operating from that level.
"It is wrong to use moral means to preserve immoral ends." MLK, Jr.

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