I am happy for you jillipoo - I really am!!

What are you using with this gel, if anything?

I got a lot of frizzies yesterday but it was windy. So I am going to try again with the cream but with a bit of a leave in under that.
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Hee hee! Thank you, xcptnl! It's so silly to get this excited over a gel, but I was really starting to think that nothing would ever work for me.

Because my hair is weighed down so easily, I decided to try Biotera with very little else. I thought maybe it was time for the "less is more" approach (which seems instinctively right for my head). So, I condition with any of the thousands of conditioner in my inventory (in the past week, I have used Honey Hemp mostly but also AOHR and Aloeba). Then I scrunch with a Curl-Ease towel and then I spray in some Greg Juice (I wanted moisture but didn't want to use anything heavy -- this has worked nicely for me). I then scrunch in the Greg Juice, followed by a little gel. Clip and diffuse. Voila.

No creams, no leave-ins. Who knew?
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Update 6:54 p.m...... I should have used a leave-in or left more conditioner in my hair. Just the Greg Juice under Biotera was not enough today! It was on the cold side, which means I should have used more oil/moisture. Not good curls today.

Just wanted you to know, xcptnl, in case you were going to try this combo tomorrow!
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