We are all insane. Mwahahahahahahahahahaha!
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You guys are fricken hilarious!! And I think this site is making me a little delirious too! Now I want to try Biotera gel, Mop-C, Suave co-wash, CurlEase towel, and the list goes on! I'm going to be so broke! My hubby is already getting suspicious of my PJ activities. I can no longer conceal it when I'm getting pkgs everyday! Now I have to sneak to the store and use a different CC. OMG, this is total craziness.
Maybe we should start a PJ anonymous thread!
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ROTFL omgoodness, this has me cracking up because for the past two weeks i've bought at least 8 different products and im still "itching" to get more. I feel so cracked out ahahahahahahah.
strickly CG.
BCed Jan 27,07
I think my hair type is 3c? 3b? eh 4a? hmm idk
My hair survives on;
Suave naturals
Herbal essences set me up gel
Amla powder
Other lovies;
[Vitamins, olive oil, honey, silk peptide powder,vitamin e oil]

Taken Feb 21,09