I co-washed for the first time this past weekend. I initially considered getting a cheap conditioner because I knew I would be using a lot. My concern was the ingredients in the cheap conditioners (alcohol and cones). I ended up going to Whole Foods and buying two of the most natural conditioner I could find. Since it was too thick, I mixed it with distilled water (half/half). So what do you CG's think? Are you comfortable with the bad stuff to avoid the poo?
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I actually noticed that the 365 brand and a lot of other not-so-expensive brands of conditioner at Whole Foods have PEGs, or polyethylene glycols, which are known irritants and give me exzema!

In fact, I have experienced difficulty with many "organic" and "natural" brands that have seemingly "ok" ingredients.

Suave naturals, on the other hand, have never irritated me, and the next cheapest thing I can use is around $10 so I'll stick w/ those for an inexpensive co wash

However, I have been experimenting w/ my making my own conditioner so we'll see how that goes....