Unequivocably crappy, thank you. What was I thinking, trying to get away with using no gel??
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Whatever you were thinking, I must have been thinking the same thing. Today I decided to comb the AG Liquid Effects through my hair after I had plopped. Not only that, but for some unGodly reason, before the gel I decided to comb a cream serum (yes, FULL of cones!) through. And before all of that, I had already combed conditioner through in the shower. Guess who has stringy hair today?
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Oh no! I'm sorry to hear that. At least I'm home, where nobody can see me.

But we have to remember that it's wild combinations like that that sometimes actually work! But man, when they don't, it's so depressing.

But why do I suspect that your worst hair day is like one of my good ones??
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Trust me, my bad hair days are BAD. I just don't post pics.
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