Had mine thinned once too, horrible! And it hurt. I don't think the hairdresser knew how to use the thinning shears. I had a pixie cut then and she basically ripped my hair out, saying it would look like a soccerfield otherwise. It did look awful that short that thick... that's why longer, non-thinned out hair (tried it all, believe me!) still is the lesser of two evils. And it looks way better.

I had stubbles in between my hair as it grew out... NEVER again. I had shorter hair last year, and I remember the hairdresser asking if she should thin it out a bit, I immediately answered, "Nooo!" That's how much I love thinning out hair.

I remember being 16 and having hair like you have in your signature (pic on the right). My hair gets very weighty at about bra strap length, but that's why I now swear by layers (long layers).

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