HAH! See what I did there? I hid the conditioner, so now you have to buy your OWN. And guess what? I bought this conditioner on the 7th, and I STILL HAVE just about the entire bottle left.

According to my records, if you had been using it, it would be half gone by now.

Go buy your own if you're that broken up about it.
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Ok, I know we aren't supposed to respond... but are you referring to your exchange student?

Maybe she doesn't realize that it's not an open sharing environment. She may just be used to just sharing everything and if that 's the case I hate for her feelings to be hurt and "broken up about it".
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Sorry - I wasn't ignoring this, I just didn't see this until now.

Yes, I am referring to her.
She knows that she's supposed to be buying her own, and the only thing we're "required" to provide for her is food along with a place to stay. This was made clear to her when she got here by my family, and by the exchange student coordinator.
The first few months she was here, she bought her own, and everything was fine. Until one day, when she starting using the stuff that I had in the shower. I didn't mind at first, but then more and more conditioner was disappearing each month, to the point where we were buying (rather large, mind you...) bottles of conditioner every 2 weeks. She must have been eating this stuff, by how quickly it was disappearing.
My mom spoke with her nicely about not using so much, and that if she didn't cut down, then she'd have to start buying her own. She didn't stop.

I wrote "if you're broken up about it" because she started glaring at me the first day that I took it out of the shower, like I was doing it to spite her, or something. Which I wasn't. I can be juvenile sometimes, but not THAT juvenile.

Of course, not keeping it in the shower seems to be backfiring on me, because I keep forgetting to bring it with me.

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