Why can't we get along? Why do you take everything I say as an insult? Why can't you understand that we are different? I know you think that people other than yourself are the scum of the earth, but don't get mad when I say you're racist. When you judge somebody based on their race, it's racist.

Don't hate me because I want to work, make something of myself. Don't laugh when I tell you my future goals. Stop telling me to try to look prettier and when I get a B, it's not because I haven't studied or don't care about my grades. It's because I'm human. I work as hard as I can.

You still don't know that I cry myself to sleep sometimes, and I went through a bout of anorexia. You don't know that sometimes I worry about my mental health and want to just run away from it all. Please try to accept me as I am.