To you: at this point, I believe I just wish you would leave me alone. I don't even want to be your friend anymore. Yes, a long time ago, had I had the chance and been in the position to be, I would have wanted to be with you. No, I didn't admit that to myself and I didn't act on it but I know I had feelings for you for years ago. I don't anymore. You fixed that. You forced me to stop caring and to lose any hope, and NOW you want to come around and bug me about it again? The answer is no.

And to YOU: you need to break your pattern of cheating on people, stringing someone along until you find someone else, then dumping them. And to insinuate that we should get together despite you having a SERIOUS GIRLFRIEND... WTF is wrong with you anyway? And when I said that was insane, that if you wanted to be with someone else, you should not be with her, you actually said to me that it may not work out with us, so you should give me a try for awhile first? You think I'm just dying to be the next in line to get cheated on, huh? Dumbass.