Wanted perfect ringlets for a performance of "Oklahoma!" My mom wrapped my hair in perm rods (well, it worked for my friends!) and I slept in them! Pulled them out the next day and ran my fingers through it to fluff it up a bit. A bit turned into POOF! Hair that was 2x bigger than my head! I had to put it in a clip (period appropriate, of course!) to control it and it was still bad.

So then...we decided to try foam rollers for the next day (you would think I would have learned already!). You guessed it. POOF! Less big, but harder to contain because the ends poked out randomly. Worst cast pictures ever!

Then the day I wanted my hair like one of the Dixie Chicks (the short pixie cut)...fat, round face + pixie cut + red hair dye = BAD IDEA! Just say no, girls. Just say no.
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This area is under construction as my hair type changed and nothing works well for me. I shampoo, I condition and pretty much have done nothing but chuck my hair in a messy bun for the past oh...year? Yeah, I'm that lazy.

No...going no-poo or CG does not work for me. It leaves me overconditioned and oily in a second no matter what I use, so that's not what's not working.