I've used the Lush Rouge Henna for almost a year now, I'm really very happy with it. Red is the hardest color to maintain and so if you love being a red head (as I do!) you have to color it often, and if you use standard chemicals, you're going to fry your hair, which is why I switched to henna.
The lush stuff really moisturizes my hair and scalp and I love how my hair feels afterwards. How the color comes out depends on the color before you apply the henna. Before I started, I had been a bleached blond for about a year or so, then, I dyed it red with a standard color, then started with the henna (I have naturally dark blond/light reddish brown hair). Lol, so I have 3 levels of color, which sounds odd, but it works, I constantly have people asking me how I do my hair. ummm....so the intensity of the color depends on how light/dark it is before hand, just like the regular stuff. Also, the intensity depends on how thick your mixture is, so there is a lot of experimenting you need to do. It's not an exact science but even so, you can do it as often as you like till you figure out how best to get the results you want. Oh and the grey coverage is great! I don't have very many but they come out as glistening red/copper highlights, very nice.
I guess part of the reason I like it is because my attitude towards my hair is pretty positive, I’ve always pretty much let it do what it wanted. Didn’t always like what it wanted to do, lol! I also look at the process like a “pamper me” experience, I set aside a night for it, revel in the organic nature of it and love teasin my kids with my muddy dreadlocks, lol! Oh, and I’ve never had a difficult time getting it out of my hair, just run the water through it in the shower, use an organic shampoo (like the wavy-haired use) 2x’s usually gets it all out, then condition and it feels like silk.

Ok, ok....I'll try the mehandi stuff, lol. Let ya know what I think.

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