First: Thank you. Thank you, thak you, thank you, thank you, thank you.

.Why is it that Tyra Banks feels that she has to fit the (steryotypical) mold of black people? WE DON'T ALWAYS SAY "GIRL, THAT AIN'T RIGHT!" Okay? And please, if you're on your talk show, or on ANTM, or anywhere else, please stop turning every conversation-- especially the ones where you're interviewing people-- back to you. I don't want to be so blunt, but it's just sort of. well. annoying.

.Being desperate is not attractive. Not. at. all.

.And for the love of Peter Pan, teenagers do stress as much as adults. Just because we don't stress over the same things necissarily, does not mean we don't stress. And not just over boys, make up, zits, popularity, and gossip. We're real people. Same problems as any other person. (Oh, and elementary/middle schol kids can stress, too. Just because we are young does not mean we are completely void of anything, you know.)

.A curly head is not a mop, a pouffe, a poodle, a monster, a big problem, or anything else. It is easyto take care of when you do it right.

.BET= mental segregation encourager/ steryotype feeder.

.Y'all know that some people would be offended by a WET channel. And they would be the ones watching BET.

.We do not need a black history month! African Americans are not the only race that was opressed (sp?), you know. And besides, we should eliminate a "month" for any certain race. We should all be educated about all races and their pasts, not just one at certain times.

.And for Peterson's sake, I cannot stand it when ignorant black people use their ancestours past as an exuse to be ignorant! You say they fought for freedom. For equality. For our rights. Now we have them and you act like we're still fighting? Appreciate the blessing God gave you, honey!

Again I say, thank you.

Rant over.