Okay I have to say something. Are you people oblivious to what Jihad is? People who exist in a state of Jihad do not want to come "talk with you to work things out." There IS NO working things out. They believe that if you are not following the Koran, they are at war with you. That is "the state of Jihad". If you are not a Koran following Muslim, then the radical Muslim believes you are in a state of Jihad with them. It doesn't matter what color you are, what country you are in, what language you speak, if you do not follow the Koran, they are AT WAR with you and as an infidel, you must die. it doesn't matter if you are Arab, if you are not a Koran-following Arab, they are in a state of war with you and unless you convert you must die.

This is how Islam originally spread if you recall: Muhammad and his armies conquered the areas around them.

I just cannot stomach when people start saying that we need to "go and talk" with these people. There is no going and talking. Their creeds clearly state that if you are not a Koran following person and will not convert, YOU MUST DIE. You are an infidel and must die. What part of "must die" do you not understand?

This is not a new thing. Radical Muslims have been blowing up people and killing people around the world for years. France and Spain are terrified of the large influx of radical muslims in their country who PUBLICALLY SPEAK in their countries about taking over the government. This is not an American problem, this is not an Israeli problem, this is not a European problem: it is a Global Problem.

And then you go and say "lets just talk with them". If President Clinton (God bless him, yes I voted for him but yes he made mistakes) did not let Bin Laden go (yes Bin Laden was detained and Clinton let him go) because he was so much into "talking and working things out" with radical extremists, we wouldn't be in such a big mess.

Listen please. I implore you: These people will DIE for their cause which is KILLING YOU to please Allah. If you think for one second that you can TALK to someone who has been trained to die for their cause to kill you, then I beg you to re-think.

Terrorism is not new. It has been here for decades, increasing in tenacity, boldness, and technological means. People have been dying around the globe. America has been hit around the globe and it wasn't until it hit American soil that Americans really began paying attention. Terrorism has not recently emerged and it is well-financed. These people are terrorizing because you are an infidel and you must die.

I've said my peace. I just couldn't believe that you all were saying "lets go and work things out --la la la -- with the radical extremists."

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