Obviously you did not read my post. I said that nothing in the New Testament ever teaches the use of violence. Sodom and Gomorrah is in the Old Testament, which is referring to ancient Judaism, NOT Christianity.

Also, with Sodom and Gomorroah and Noah's Ark, God did not issue a command for "believers" (i.e. human agents) to wipe out the unbelievers. Rather, according to the Bible God did this through the use of natural disasters. Quite different it is for people to die in natural disasters, attributed to nature, than people to die at the hand of others under the command of God.

Secondly, again, the Koran makes explicit claims that people should be killed for the sake of Allah. The New Testament does not. Whether people mishandle the Bible and use it for evil is not the fault of the Bible or Christianity but the fault of those who are handling it. There is no mishandling in a Muslim's killing others who are unbelievers; they are directly following commands from the Koran.

Even stilll, you do not see Christian countries waging war against unbelievers; you do see Muslim countries waging war against unbelievers. And this is our current peril; this is the danger we face.

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