I barely had any hair on my head when I was two and three years old. My mother tape a small bow on the top of my head for a pix so people could tell I was a girl. I still didn't have much hair and it was thin and blond when I turned four but it finally started to grow and thicken up and it was curly, curly!! I'm 33 now and still have the same amount of curl.
My son was the same way until he was 3.

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My mom hated the taped on bows, so she just dressed me in pink clothes CONSTANTLY (and I mean every day) until my curls grew in. From pictures, it also seems that there were lots of lacy collars and baby bonnets involved in my first wardrobe. She got so hurt when people would call me a boy.
botticelli-ish bob.

Current Routine:
-Suave Aloe & Waterlily cowash/leave-in
-Giovanni Direct Leave-In
-FOTE aloe vera gel