the Jews over the centuries. I am and I grew up with survivors of the holocaust and although I married a catholic man and raising my son christian due to the fact that he has half brothers , the stories I heard as a child and young adult are terrifying that people hate you just because of your heritage! It still happens in this world and its wrong. People often resist their heritage coming to this country to fit in and succeed and not to face prejudice. My maiden name was not "jewish" sounding so i've heard many comments not intended for Jews to hear. There is a lot of prejudice. I imagine part of the reason Lorraine had some Jewish women in her book is because her salon is in nyc where there is a large jewish population. I didn't straighten mine for that reason. I was the only woman in 2 generations of my family that wanted it long. My aunt whose hair is probably curlier always wore it short so I just didn't know what to do but this place I have learned so much, I prefer curly now. I feel special. I think curly is often perceived as less neat but you can pull it back, or if styled well, good cut it doesn't have to look out of control depending on your type. Here is to a more open minded world.
Deciding what to be when I grow up!!!
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