...but this seemed like a good place to share.

The other day I made the comment, "Man, my hair is frizzy today!" to which my 4 year old son matter-of-factly replied, "You look good in frizzy hair, Mom!"

Gotta love kids!

I think the rudest comments have come from stylists who want to thin or texturize it to "get it under control!" One even said I've got great hair, but it can start to look like a helmet after awhile. I guess it didn't help that at the time I really didn't know how to work with my crazy waves! Glad to be here!!
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Tell me about it, when i was in high school, i got my hair done for the formal (prom) and the stylist was putting it into a french twist. a straight french twist.
"You have too much hair!" she complained. gee thanks.
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