So I have done absolutely nothing to my hair over the past year but trim it myself (almost one year texturizer-free! I will post pics when the actual day hits!) and I am going to get a salon trim within the next month. I am also thinking about semi-permanent colour and I don't know why. My natural hair is very black and I have not used any semi-permanent colour in about 4 years or so, so it is getting pretty dark. I really do like it dark - it's shinier, glossier and hides damage better. But I also want a change and the temptation to texturize is still very strong. So I am thinking of a deep burguny red or a chocolate brown (the only semi-colours that do anything to my hair.) I will NOT do permanent colour or any highlights.

I was disturbed though to read that semi-colour does have some chemicals and also is not really semi. I like the effect it has on my hair (loosens and stretches curls) but my hair is feeling so very soft and silky and healthy that I don't want to jeopardize that.

I usually do not ask people's opinions on what I should do, but this time I really don't know what I want! I have pics in my album of the red hair and also my more natural colour - please take a look before you vote! Thanks!
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