Poll #2 is about layers. When I go for my cut, I am having my hair straightened and then cut dry, for a change.

I had carve and slice layers a year ago with my last texturizer and they've been growing out. Until then, I loved them, but with this last cut, I dislike the ends of my hair (thinned too much so they look stringy) and the shorter pieces/bangs made it hard to wear my hair up or back as I tend to. Now everything is getting more to a length I can be at peace with.

As a result, my hair is feeling very heavy (which is great because it hangs/falls well and barely frizzes) but it does give me headaches sometimes and there is less styling versatility when I wear it down.

Should I let it grow some more to my goal length (another 6-7 inches or so to the bottom of my ribs) and then layer it, or should I never layer again and go for an all one length look, or should I layer now for some life to my hair?

The thing I like about layers is that in the short term (for a few weeks) they do give the hair more bounce, shape and movement. The thing I dislike is that my hair grows quickly and so they get irritating as they grow out, and also that to maintain them they have to keep cutting more and more of your hair short. Stylists always think your hair isn't really short if the back part is long. To me it isn't really long unless it's ALL long. Plus, I want to see how my hair really acts and feels long. But at the same time, I'm bored with it and tempted to texturize or cut sometimes, and layers can be a quick but not too drastic fix.

Again, I have pictures in my album of different lengths with and without layers, so please tell me what you think!
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